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Groom before you Vroom

Planning on riding away into the unknown roads is a thrilling experience to live by. While good preparation is needed for the trip, safety and gearing up is highly important. Apart from riding gears, keep a set of products for hair and skincare as well. As you will be carrying minimal luggage, plan it according to your necessities. Just like your service kit, make space for a safety and a grooming kit.

There are certain products a guy must have packed for a trip of any length of time. The feeling of staying and looking fresh is of utmost importance, especially after a whip on the bike. Sweat is going to happen, and so is the resulting funk that goes along with it. Helmet hair is a real thing, and hours-long stints of wind whips to the face isn’t going to leave your skin feeling all too fresh.

Minimalism is the trait of any biker! The lesser things in the backpack the better. A few must haves are SPF, lip balm, moisturiser and your favourite English Blazer Deodorant.